North York Moors & Yorkshire Dales

Map Skills - Moors and Dales

One day navigation courses, in North Yorkshire,
where you will learn to navigate with a map and compass.

Based on the North York Moors or Yorkshire Dales
Be able to navigate, safely and easily by using simple to use

and easily remembered techniques ,  from basic to advanced map skills training!
Choose from various 
locations .


Then book on one of our varied one day navigation courses, which can be adapted to suit your skill level 

and experience, based on the North York Moors  or Yorkshire Dales.
1 Day Navigation Course – Basic Map Skills Training
1 Day Navigation Course -Advanced Map Skills Training

On these courses you will learn the techniques, knowledge & techniques 

to allow you to locate yourself on the map & follow a route with confidence.

Or book on a two day basic & advanced  combined course to learn even more.

Navigation Courses

One Day Basic Course

The one day Basic Navigation Course is for those who wish to learn to navigate with a map and compass, safely in the outdoors, especially in upland and remote areas. Aimed at the complete beginner or those with limited experience of navigating using a map and compass. Discover about : - scale, bearings, map reference , contours, timing & pacing. How to use a compass. After completing this course you should be able to locate yourself within a 100 metre square or a 6 figure grid reference. The basic one day course costs £65 per person. A maximum of 4 persons.

A one day Advanced Course

For those who have already completed the basic course and wish to progress. Or for people who have already have the knowledge and experience of using a map & compass and want to learn more.
Micro-navigation, aiming off, attack points, dog legging, aspects of slope, etc. More precise navigation practice. After this course you will be able to locate yourself with 10 square metres or an 8 figure grid reference.
The advanced one day course costs £65 per person. A maximum of 4 persons

Two day Basic & Advanced Combined Course

The two day course offers more depth of knowledge and skill with far more practice and learning the skills to micro navigate. The two days are not to be taken together, unless you have plenty of experience of navigating with a map and compass. You need to allow time to practice your new skills before progressing to the next advanced level. As both levels are booked together, there is a discount, so that the combined cost for the two days is £110.

The easiest way to book a course is for you to see what dates are available, by using the button above.
You can then book the course you require with the number of people you wish to book on the course, a maximum of four persons.
Discounts applied for groups booked at the same time 10%, 20% & 30%, for 2, 3 or 4 persons.
I will then contact you via email or phone to confirm the booking and send a payment link via email.
Or, just email, phone or text me. 

“We learnt so much, during the day, far more than we expected. Jim was able to answer all those questions that video's & book can't.”

Father & Daughter map skills

The Masterman’s

Jim Haskell a mountain leader with over 27 years experience will be your instructor.

Jim & his constant companion Lola will often be seen walking & backpacking in the remote parts of the Moors, Dales & Mountains of North Yorkshire & Cumbria. [Lola does not attend Navigation Courses, she would be too much of a distraction.]
Jim became interested in teaching navigation, whilst training groups for their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards, whilst he was in the police.
Having moved to Northallerton, North Yorkshire to be closer to the open spaces he loves. He wanted to continue passing on his love for the outdoors and the skills to navigate too.

Jim Haskell, Map Skills, owner and instructor
  • Understanding map scale : 1:25,000 / 1:50,000 / 1:40,000
  • Map legend/symbols, what they mean.
  • Obtaining a grid reference. Grid lines.
  • Contours, how to interpret:- features & steepness
  • Using a compass, the various parts.
  • The difference between:- True North, Grid North & Magnetic North.
  • Setting the map with & without using a compass
  • Taking a bearing / back bearing.
  • Magnetic variation. 
  • Timing, pacing & Naismith’s rule
  • Access rights
  • Leave no trace