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Wainstones, North York Moors - 21/07/2024

A twinge in my right knee today, so just a short walk from Clay Bank car park up and over to the Wainstones. It doesn’t have to be a massive walk to be enjoyable. You never know what you might see.

Looking over towards Ingleby Incline
North York Moors - Ingleby incline in the distance
Wainstones Climbing
Wainstones Climbing
Starting the climb
Getting off the ground the most important step
Topping out
The satisfaction of reaching the top
Reaching for the hold
Determination, gets you to the top
Reaching the top
Satisfaction, having reached the top.

YouTube Video - 19th July 2024

Photographs - Sutton Bank Walk 15/07/2024

It is not all about running navigation courses. I love to take my camera with me, whilst out walking. Looking for photography opportunities, actually make you look more deeply at your surroundings. To see the changes around us, or just enjoying the bigger picture.

Finger post sign
Finger Post -The Finest View in all of England
Information Board - Wordsworth
The Finest view in all of England - according to William Wordsworth
Vale of Mowbray
Looking over the Vale of Mowbray towards the Yorkshire Dales
Bilberries - full of vitamin C and taste great too
Snails in Thistle flower
It's the small things, easily missed -snails in a thistle flower- if just you're marching to reach the goal
Trees affected by Ash die back
Imported tree disease - Ash die back

1st July 2024 - Course Square Corner

Well done to Alan & Tracey, who enjoyed a day on the Moors learning navigation skills.
The day started out grey, then turned to mist, fog and rain. Actually excellent conditions for navigation training.
Despite the grim weather, we all had fun, practicing different navigation skills. They both agreed they had learnt a lot, and would be putting it all into practice in the coming weeks.


Alan & Tracey Stepping out

1st July 2024 - Booked basic course

A pre booked course, over at Square Corner, Osmotherley & discovering Black Hambleton.
A husband & wife doing a basic navigation course bought as a Christmas present.
Do have a loved one or friend who likes the outdoors, buy them a course, they will really appreciate it.

Trig Point - Black Hambleton - blog page image

Saturday 29th June 2024.

The intention was to go for a walk today, but I got busy in the office. I needed to print off extra ‘Map Skills – Basic Skills Booklets”, free to those attending courses.
It may not look like it, but that is a new Epson “Tank” printer/scanner, as my old printer just used too much ink, or the ink cartridges were so expensive. 5 x A4 posters and the cartridges were showing as nearly empty.
A new rope, as we popped over to Keswick last weekend, and the rope was reduced. Not really necessary on the Moors, but the temptation was too great.

New office equipment. Epson printer scanner
Office work, keeps me off the hills.
New confidence rope

19th June 2024 - Mobile error

.It is when you ‘own’ something, that you do not see it, in my case literally.

When I construct this website I use a PC, everything is OK on there.
When I look at the website on my mobile phone, everything appeared ok on there!!!
However, after about 3 months of developing the site, the MAIN MENU was missing on mobiles & tablets.
All now sorted, note the yellow hamburger, which drops down the menu. 
So annoying & frustrating.


Mobile phone screen shot

18th June 2024 - Sun Screen

I’m hoping nothing to worry about now, as I went to my GP on the 24th May, as I noticed that the mole on the left side of my face had grown & was itchy.
I saw a consultant on the 14th June, who said it did not appear to be cancerous, but to have it removed and a biopsy.
So a local minor operation on the 21st June, to remove my mole.
A concern as I have spent a lot of time outdoors, with zero sun screen.
Put on here, as a bit of late advice!


Check your skin - blog page image

11th June 2024 - Embroidery

I will be more visible now, having had a delivery of clothing with my logo embroidered upon them. They do look really smart.
The Logo design is thanks to my wife.
The embroidery was performed by Fox Stitch, Thirsk – a family run local business. Excellent service, I highly recommend them.


Map Skills - Moors& Dales Logo blog page image

26th May 2024 - Basic Course

A really wet day up on Black Hambleton, with Fred. He was needing to update his navigation skills, for adventures ahead.
Despite the horrible weather we had a really productive day. He had additional skills to learn

as well. He wants to return to do the Advanced Course, once he has mastered what he has learnt. 

Basic Course - Black Hambleton - Blog page image

19t May 2024 - Basic Course

A basic course with two ladies, who had quite a lot of experience of walking in remote places, but no longer wanted to rely on an App for navigation.
The course took place on the moorland between Leyburn & Grinton, near to the Army Ranges.
 A long but enjoyable day, with not only navigation, but a number of bird species seen.
Both purchased Silva Expedition Type 4 compasses, directly after the course (not from me).


Grinton Moor - Basic Navigation Course. Blog image.

25th April 2024 - Basic Course

A father & daughter wanting to increase their navigation skills before starting to conquer the Wainwrights.
As you can see from their clothing it was a chilly day, so you need to dress for the conditions.
This course took place between Grinton & Leyburn. The conditions underfoot were wet, after the constant rain we had.
Two more who purchased, Silva compasses directly after the course (not from me).

Between Leyburn and Grinton, Moor land navigation. Blog page image

31st March 2024 - Basic Course

A basic course with Atul, who has taken up Ultra long distance running. Whilst training for a 120 mile event, he had become “navigationally uncomfortable” whilst crossing a Scottish mountain.
To prevent this happening again, he wanted to learn how to use a map & compass. Especially how to follow a bearing, over rough ground.
The course took place at the Hole-of-Horcum, near to Pickering. 
After the heavy rain that preceded this course his running shoes were no longer bright orange about 15 minutes after this photo was taken. 
They cleaned up after practising navigation through the heather. Great fun.

Atul's Navigation lesson, Hole of Horcum. Blog page image.

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