Free YouTube Navigation Lessons

Click on the images below to view Free YouTube Navigation Videos, 
they each only last one minute. Give them a watch!

Video 1 - Free YouTube Training Video - The Front Cover

Video 1: – The name of the map, the scale
1:25,000 or 4cms = 1Km or 4mm = 100m.
The map reference number OL = Outdoor Leisure & number in the series.

Video 2: – A small map on the rear showing the area the map covers, plus the vicinity in

relation to neighbouring ,maps in the series.

Video 3: – The Legend inside the map, is the “short hand” of the symbols displaying features found in the map. Plus technical information.

Video 4: – The history of the Ordnance Survey Grid reference system. The Single letter 500x500km square & Double letter 100x100km square.

Video 7: – Identifying the parts of a base plate compass, the most commonly used type of compass used for navigation.

Video 5: – How to obtain a 4 figure grid reference, a kilometre square 4cms x 4cms.

Video 6: – How to obtain a 6 figure grid reference 4mmx4mm or 100m x 100m, within the 1km square.