Navigation Courses

At ‘Map Skills – Moors and Dales ‘ we hold our Land Navigation Courses in the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales, the locations are chosen to enable you to learn and practice new skills in land navigation, not to go for a walk. The scenery will be fantastic but that is a secondary consideration, we are just lucky. The days last about 6 to 8 hours, and as they are held in fairly remote locations, there are normally no facilities, so you will need to bring some food & drink, and have the correct clothing for the weather and season.
These Compass and Map Reading Courses are just the start of your navigation journey, they are the foundation, upon which you can

build your knowledge and experience by constant practice.

Grinton Moor - Basic Navigation Course

One Day Basic Navigation Course

  • Understanding map scale : 1:25,000 / 1:50,000 / 1:40,000
  • Map legend/symbols, what they mean.
  • Obtaining a grid reference. Grid lines.
  • Contours, how to interpret:- features & steepness
  • Using a compass, the various parts.
  • The difference between:- True North, Grid North & Magnetic North.
  • Setting the map with & without using a compass
  • Taking a bearing / back bearing.
  • Magnetic variation. 
  • Timing, pacing & Naismith’s rule
  • Access rights
  • Leave no trace

Great value £65 each, reductions for multiple bookings

Compass bearing
What is the bearing?

One Day Advanced Navigation Course

  • Revision on the contents of the Basic Course
  • Decipher – what is on the map, to what is on the ground
  • More complex use of contours
  • Contours, how to interpret:- features & steepness
  • Slope aspect how to use.
  • Aiming off
  • Hand railing
  • Attack points
  • Way marks, when using a compass
  • Dog legging
  • Catcher points
  • Micro navigation – use and practice the above to enable you to locate position accurately, in night/reduced visibility.

From £65 each, reductions for multiple bookings

Pen-y-Ghent finger sign

Two Day Basic &Advanced Navigation Course

By pre-booking the Basic & Advanced Courses together you can make a 20% saving on booking the courses separately. The days do not have to be taken consecutively, but within a 3 month period.
 It is advisable not to take them together unless you have previous map & compass skills, as the days can be quite intense. By taking the days separately you have chance to practice the skills you have learnt in the Basic Course, before progressing onto the Advanced Course.

Only £110. All ready a saving on booking each course separately, further reductions for multiple bookings!

Why you should use: - 'Map Skills - Moors & Dales'

  • It is an independent businesses, the instructor is the owner.
  • An experienced instructor. After the initial essential training, you will be navigating. Getting hands on, with help, you will be using a map & compass. Practical, you will learning, by repeating actions, so you remember.
  • Local, only using locations within the North York Moors & Yorkshire Dales.
  • No fixed locations, the courses can be run in any area, with “access land”. To allow for practicing & micro navigation.
  • Free waterproof booklet, with essential information, issued to each client.

Testimonial - Atul S

“The session today was very informative and interesting. You are an excellent coach. Thank you very much”

Atul's Navigation lesson, Hole of Horcum

Recently used locations:- 
Square Corner, near Osmotherley; Chop Gate, Hawnby, Leyburn, Grinton, Hole of Horcum & Stainforth.